Dispensing Benefits

Point of Care Dispensing

RebelRx164 Dispensing Benefits
Point-of-care dispensing is a safe way to provide an added convenience to patients while improving healthcare and driving additional revenue for the practice. Point-of-care dispensing improves the quality and cost effectiveness of healthcare in today’s market. Both the medical professional and the patient benefit from in-office pharmaceutical dispensing solutions. Dispensing in-office creates an ancillary revenue stream for the physician and saves the patient a trip to the pharmacy. Healthcare providers purchase prepackaged pharmaceuticals directly from Physician Partner and maintain inventory of the most frequently used medications at their office. Medical professionals are then able to offer prescribed, stocked medications to their patients at the point-of-care. Dispensing medication directly to your patients enables office staff to reduce time on hold with pharmacies to place prescriptions and utilizes their productivity to serve patients and generate revenue for the practice.  

Healthcare Provider Benefits:
  • Supplemental Revenue
  • Increased Patient Compliance
  • Differentiates the Practice
  • Provider Productivity
Patient Benefits:
  • Convenience
  • Affordability
  • Preserves Confidentiality
  • Increases Medication Compliance
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